Easter Island Beaches

Anakena beach

For those who love diving into lapislazuli colored water or walking along beaches of soft white sand, Anakena beach is perfect. This wonderful beach surrounded by a beautiful coconut tree forest is deservedly popular on weekends. Between December and March, it is common to see some huts and salesmen who offer beverages, pies (banana cake) and snacks.

Anakena also has a very symbolic meaning. It is the place where Hotu Matua disembarked. Some people say that one of the many caves along the beach was this king’s home.  Also, Anakena must be the only beach in the world that was blessed with two important archeological sites . On the hill above the beach lies the Ahu Ature Huki, along with an enigmatic and solitary moai. Anakena is also the home of the great Ahu Nau Nau.

Ovahe beach

Another unspoilt delight, Ovahe, between La Perouse and Anakena, is a gorgeous place  to work your tan. At the foot of a volcanic cliff, this small beach is less frequented than Anakena but is considered dangerous because of  falling rocks. You can also see a cave near Ovahe. Looking out of it you will see the Pacific Ocean

Pea beach

For a little dip in Hanga Roa, the tiny beach at Playa Pea, on the south side of Caleta Hanga Roa, fits the bill. There’s another postage stamp sized beach near Pea restaurant, as well as a pebbly beach beside Ahu Tahai.

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