Scuba diving

Scuba diving  and snorkeling in Easter Island

Easter Island is the ideal place to scuba dive and snorkel because it has crystal clear and pollution-free waters. Due to its volcanic origin, the island presents an exceptional topography, as well as corals and a rich submarine life. On the seabed, it is easy to observe a great variety of fish that swim with the divers, such as the blowfish, the trumpet fish, the butterfly fish, the porcupine fish and the Mediterranean moray, as well as turtles.

This sport welcomes non-competitive professionals and amateurs. The only purpose is to enjoy the visual paradise offered by the flora and fauna, the average temperatures of 22 ºC in the summer and the visibility of up to 50 meters in deep sea.

In Rapa Nui, it is possible to dive year round. However, it is important to consider that there are no reef barriers, so it is sometimes difficult to reach some places, especially between June and September. If the sea is too rough, diving trips are cancelled.