Easter Island Tours

Rapa Nui has a lot of activities and highlights. This is a list of some of the most popular Easter Island Tours. Also you can find some the best activities on the Island like trekking, horseback ridding, biking an more. The best Easter Island Tours are included in our Rapa Nui Packages.

List of Easter Island Tours

Rano Raraku & Anakena Exploration

Uncover the secrets of Rapa Nui; in this Easter Island tour you will discover the path of the mysterious Moais. The expedition begins visiting the least explored places in the island; Vinapu, with its Ahu Tahira, whose perfection reminds the walls of Machu Picchu, then retracing the path of the Moais, heading to the east coast of the island, you will admire the process of construction and transport of these colossal sculptures. At the feet, beside the coast you will see the largest Moai in the island installed on the Ahu of Tongariki, the most striking Ahu of the island. From there the trail takes you up the slopes of Rano Raraku volcano where the quarry still contains a large number of Moais in the process of being sculpted, still buried in their bed of rock. After Rano Raraku the road continues to Anakena beach, with white sand, palm trees, but also an archeological site, with petro glyphs, Moais, caves and different types of platforms, with the immensity of the Pacific Ocean as backstage. Finally enjoy bathing in the quiet turquoise water of Anakena Beach, a place where the true spirit of the island lives.

Trekking Poike

The tour starts from your hotel in Hanga Roa, in direction to Poike area, where the trekking to this impressive volcano begins. The trekking will take you to Vai a Heva, a sculpture with a human face carved into a rock in the slope of the hill, the mouth of which was used for water recollection. The ascent continues to the top of Pua Ka Tiki, highest point in this area that gives you the possibility of admiring the wonderful view of the island. Then you go down towards the cave of the virgins, Ana O Keke. In this cave, legend has it that virgins were kept for skin whitening to be offered to the future king or Ariki. After this we start the descent into Taha O Ruhi where relaxing and resting waits for you.

West Coast

This adventure will show you the magic of Easter Island today with. You will discover the west cost road of the island, passing through caves, admiring Ahus and petro glyphs, you will also find various hare vaka (typical boats houses), and hare paena, typical chicken houses.. The voyage will begin visiting the cave of the two Windows, Anna Kakenga, then you will head to the ancestral village houses of Ahu Te Peu, these boat houses are astonishing with their perfect blocks of stones that fit exactly together. Continuing this path in the direction of Puna Pau, we will encounter the quarry where the Red Pukaos, Moai hats were produced. The excursion ends in lava tunnels and ancient caves used by the old Rapanui to hide during wartime.

Horseback Hanga O Teo to Anakena

This adventure begins riding through the northwest coast of Easter Island, less explored because there are no roads, only possible to explore on horseback or foot. In the trip you will pass by beautiful spots such as caves, petro glyphs, ancient Ahus, amazing cliffs and wonderful views. The tour continues towards the beach of Anakena, where the expedition ends with a barbecue under the palm trees and white sands of Anakena beach. Return to Hanga Roa is by in land transport.

Orongo and Rano Kau Expedition

Ideal tour to began the exploration of the Island. We will start with the encounter of spectacular Moais in every corner of Hanga Roa village, continuing with a trekking from Vaitiare to the striking Rano Kau volcano crater, going through the also will visit the beautiful ceremonial village of Orongo, a compound of fifty basalt elliptical houses. In this place other investment of the powers of Tangata Manu, the birdman, took place every year after the celebration and contest for the title. Continuing the expedition, we will stop by the West side of the volcano into the cave of Ana Kai Tangata, whose walls contain representations of Manutara (sea swallow), the sacred bird of Rapanui.

Trekking Terevaka – Anakena

The trek starts from Vaitea (center of the island) ascending towards the Maunga Terevaka, highest point on the island, measuring 511 mts above the sea level, with a 360º view, that gives you the perspective of the island, this place allows you to appreciate the full majesty of Rapanui. The walk continues downhill towards the beach of Anakena characterized by its white sand and transparent, turquoise water.

Trekking Ara O Te Moai

The hike begins in the sector of Ara O Te Moai, ancestral trail which was used by the Rapanui to carry the Moais, you will encounter numerous statues in the way lying across the path. Next comes the climb to Rano Raraku Volcano with the quarry of the Moais in the slopes and the view of the lagoon in the crater. Finally comes a walk around the volcano crater arriving to One Makihi, which are natural pools in the rocks.

Rano Kau Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding to Rano Kau Volcano. This tour takes you to the mythical village of Orongo, located on the Rano Kau volcano, the ride starts passing through Hanga Roa town, Hanga Pico, the small fisherman’s bay, then entering the Conaf national park of Rano Kau, which takes you through forests to finally reach the volcano Rano Kau summit and into the crater.