Easter Island culture

Easter Island Instruments

Musical Instruments

In Easter Island there is interesting native music, deeply rooted in ancient traditions and legends transmitted from one generation to another. In the imagination of the singers, folklore can be observed that is conformed by rural chants different from the current songs of Polynesian origin, which are more cheerful. One of these songs is the Sau-Sau, a popular song and…See more

Easter Island Dances


The islanders are good dancers, and it seems as though their great passion is music and dance. They are regionalists and only dance their own dances, like the popular Sau-Sau, the island tango, the Tari-Tarita and other dances from Tahiti. The chants are performed by groups or popular singers of the island, who gather around their own musical instruments…See more

Easter Island Myths

Myths and legends

Since researches haven’t found all the missing links of Easter Island’s culture yet, the reconstruction of their past wanders between myth and reality. This option is not uncertain if we consider that many of the facts we study started with the interpretation of a myth. One of the most characteristic legends of the island is the one of the seven explorers…See more

Easter Island Religion

Religion and beliefs

The type of religion that has characterized Easter Island from the beginning states a series of prohibitions and precepts, all of them related to what they consider sacred, and which receives the name of Tapu. The religious practice that persists in the island up to this day is called Ivi Atua, and it is based on the immortality of the soul. Basically…See more

Easter Island houses

Architecture and sculpture

Ahus are ceremonial structures dedicated to the worship of each descent’s deified ancestors, around which ceremonies, mortuary rituals, assemblies, initiations and celebrations for food distribution were developed. These sacred places protected by specific Tapu were reserved for the nobility, that is, priests, political leaders, warriors and worship specialists…See more