Quick Facts of Easter Island


The island is located on the geographic coordinates 27°7′10″S 109°21′17″O_ / _-27.11944, -109.35472, approximately at the latitude of the Chilean city of Caldera, though the nearest continental point is located to the south, at Punta Lavapié in the VIII Region of Bío-Bío, 3526 km away. The island is also located 2075 km to the west of the Pitcairn islands, and 4251 km away from Papeete, the capital of the French Polynesia. To the west, 415 kilometers away, is the island of Sala y Gómez, the most eastern point of Oceania.


The island has a triangular surface of 166 km2, and a sinuous arid relief due to the volcanic zone it is located in. Each angle of the triangle corresponds to one of three volcanoes: Poike, Rano Kau and Maunga Terevaka. All three remain inactive. The maximum length is 24 kilometers, and the maximum width is 12 kilometers. The landscape of plains and hillocks reaches a maximum of 560 meters at the Mangua Terevaka volcano. It is covered by volcanic rocks, which show its origin.  If there were no vegetation, it would be like moving along lunar surfaces.


The island has a tropical rainy climate, and it is the only place in Chile with this type of climate. Its thermal regime shows the oceanic influence to its full extent. The daily and annual thermal oscillation is scarce, and precipitations are distributed homogenously during the whole year. The annual average temperature is 26.8 °C. It reaches a maximum of 29.6 °C in January, and a minimum of 19.6 °C in August. These temperatures are typical of a rainy tropical climate, so generally the winters and summers are temperate.

How to get there

Lan is the only airline that offers flights to Rapa Nui. Depending on the season, there are between four and seven flights a week from/to Santiago, and two flights a week from/to Papete (Tahiti). There are also two weekly flights available from/to Lima (Peru). Roundtrip tickets in standard economy class have prices that go from USD$500 to USD$900. Flights are often overbooked due to excessive reservations, so it is essential that you confirm your flight two days before the departure.