Where to eat

Where to Eat, Restaurants in Easter Island

Rapa Nui has a great variety of restaurants where you can eat different food types with different prices. All premises are located in Hanga Roa.

Restaurant Phone Address Price CLP$ Opening hours
Ariki o Te Pana 210-0171 Av Atamu Tekena 1200-8000 Monday to saturday
Mikafé 255-1059 Caleta Hanga Roa 1500-2500 All day
Café Ra’a 255-1530 Av Atamu Tekena 4000-10000 All day
Tataku Vave 255-1544 Caleta Hanga Piko 6000-8000 Monday to saturday
Haka Nini 210-0918 Av Policarpo Toro 6000-8000 Monday to saturday
Aloha Pub-Restaurant 255-1383 Av Atamu Tekena 6000-11000 Tuesday to saturday
Kona Nehe Nehe 255-1677 Av Apina 6500-9000 Monday to sunday
Merahi Ra’a 255-1125 Av Te Pito o Te Henua 7000-9000 Monday to sunday
Haka Honu Av Policarpo Toro 8000-12000 Tuesday to saturday
Te Moana 255-1578 Av Atamu Tekena 9000-15000 Monday to saturday
Au Bout du Monde 255-2060 Av Policarpo Toro 9000-15000 wednesday to monday
La Taverne du Pêcheur 210-0619 Av Te Pito o Te Henua 10000-47000 Monday to saturday
Pea 210-0382 Av Policarpo Toro 6000- 8000 Thursday to tuesday
Kanahau 255-1923 Av Atamu Tekena 6000-9000 Monday to saturday
Kai Mana 255-1740 Av Atamu Tekena 6000-19000 Monday to saturday