Pikera Uri - Pantu

Only a stone’s throw away from some of rapa nui’s magical stone moai, cabañas pikera uri overlooks the pacific ocean with a splendor you have to see to believe.


Perfect for either a romantic getaway or a family vacation, this residence offers a tranquil and serene setting to start and end your day. Adding to the experience, breakfast is served as a family gathering with owners pantu and karin.

Just a few minutes walking from hanga roa town one of the most beautiful ceremonial centers of rapa nui is located, ahu tahai. Close to this rapa nui sacred place, you can enjoy the confortable and roomy pikera uri cabins, which also have a privileged sight over the pacific ocean's sunsets. While you get the privacy required during you stay at the island, the family atmosphere of pikera uri cabins will make you feel confortable, being attended personality and kindly.




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Rooms 7
Addres Tahai, Hanga Roa,