Heva House Rental

The houses have been designed for a unique experience in accommodation, as a project which evolves in total integration with its location, where the style and the comfort of our times is in harmony with the spirit of the ancestors and love of nature.


In the 3.5 hectares (over 8.5 acres) of park overlooking the ocean, all the elements most identified with Rapa Nui can be found : native vegetation, a natural cave, manavai, hare moa, pipi horeko – all typical constructions in stone.

The accommodations consist of 4 houses, all with a northern orientation, to take advantage of the sun. They are built of the finest materials : reinforced concrete with native shale, beams in view, pine wood. The linear architectural lines are harmonized by waves and arches; the interiors are distributed for ease and efficiency and oriented so that all rooms have a view of the ocean and the gardens.




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Rooms 3
Addres Miru S/n /Sector Tahai